Next Gen Skills campaigns vision is for the UK’s education system to equip the next generation with the knowledge needed to grow this country’s digital, creative and hi-tech economy.

Since the ‘Next Gen’ review and launch in November 2011, our coalition of employers and professional bodies has led the way reforming the way computer programming is taught in schools.

As a result of our campaign:

But much more needs to be done to ensure that all children have the opportunity to learn these vital skills, and the work is only just starting.

The campaign believes that for Computing and Computer Science subjects to be taught creatively, i.e. with reference to Art, Design and the humanities – they need to be based on ‘STEAM’ not just ‘STEM’ – endorsing the approach suggested by NESTA in its Manifesto for the Creative Economy.

Next Gen Skills is also working with partners to make these changes a reality on the ground by supporting schools across the country to make ‘digital making’ and creative programming truly mainstream and, most importantly, fun!

See Ian Livingstone CBE talk to TEDx in December 2013 about the Power of Play: