The Livingstone Hope review of skills needed in the UK’s video games and visual effects industries highlighted that computer coding – the most important skill required to create the digital devices and software of the future, is not currently on the national curriculum.  What’s more, current ICT courses don’t prepare our students for the future workplace because they focus on using existing software packages – but not creating them.


Without change there will be a generation of British children who are not being given the opportunity to learn the maths, physics, art and computer programming skills required to create and properly harness the software apps, games and business technology which form part of a growing, multi-billion pound global market in high-tech creative industries.


Next Gen Skills believes that the skills shortage highlighted in the Livingstone Hope review is a risk to any UK business with computing and technology at its core.  Computing is as relevant to design, engineering, financial services and architecture – from the building of jet engines to protection against cyber-crime: as it is to the digital creative industries.