Next Gen Skills campaign chair Ian Livingstone CBE is looking to found a free-school in London’s Hammersmith borough, which hopes to embrace new methods of teaching to engage children with the core skills of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) that form the core of the needs of the modern workplace.

The Livingstone School makes its application to government today, with the aim to launch for the first year of pupils in September of 2015.

The Livingstone Foundation Academies Trust has a vision to create an outstanding secondary school in Hammersmith catering for students aged 11-18. This new, Free School will be moderately small with 120 students in Year 7 and 200 in the 6th Form, giving a total school size of 800 places.​

The Livingstone School, Hammersmith will ensure that all young people who attend, regardless of background or ability, are equipped with knowledge and skills to influence the society in which they will live. With Innovation, Creativity and Enterprise at it’s heart, the curriculum will focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics (STEAM).

Britain’s technological companies rely heavily on computer literate students with strong computing, coding and creative skills. However, there is a vacuum in computing expertise. Demand in the UK far outstrips supply. The Livingstone School, Hammersmith will provide relevant teaching that addresses the lack of technological and creative expertise amongst students today.