The Mayor of London has set out a new tech strategy with skills at its heart, in the new Smart London document launched just before Christmas.

“With 45 higher education institutions London is a centre of knowledge production, invention and entrepreneurship. London has more tech start-ups than any other European city, is a world leader in healthcare delivery for its citizens, and in diagnosing, discovering and providing treatments to tackle the pressing needs of global cities.

“London must harness new technologies and its creative strengths if the city is to adapt to meet these challenges. This effort will require new forms of collaboration between Londoners, government, businesses and academia to drive change in a way that meets their needs. 

“Technology companies are establishing London as a centre for showcasing new technology and innovation, collaborating with London’s world class research institutions.

“If we build on this lead, further investment in technology and data can drive improvements in:

  • Enterprise – enabling businesses to innovate and respond to these demands
  • Skills – enhancing access to knowledge and training to enable Londoners to take part.”

Read the Smart London approach here.