The confirmation of the new National Curriculum subject in Computing has been hailed as a “major boost for the creative economy”, according to Ukie Vice-Chair and Next Gen Skills campaigner Ian Livingstone CBE.

Under government plans, a new GCSE subject in Computing will replace ICT from September 2014 with a new ‘Programme of Study’ which teaches children the fundamentals of computer programming from primary school onwards.

The announcement was a key recommendation of the NESTA Next Gen report in 2011 marks a major success for Ukie-funded Next Gen Skills campaign launched to ensure the recommendations were implemented.

Responding to the new Programme of Study for Computing Livingstone said:

”The publication of the new curriculum marks a step change for English schools and is a major boost for the creative economy.  Out goes the old ICT curriculum, which most students found boring, and in comes Computing based on problem-based learning that will be rigorous, relevant and exciting. It will give students a good grounding in programming too.  I particularly welcome the emphasis on creativity, giving a much-needed signal to schools that the teaching of digital-making skills also requires Art and Humanities for children to be able to express themselves and operate in the digital world.”